O’er the land of the free?

When we sing the Star-Spangled Banner at football and basketball games, and at other events, we are totally unaware of the entire song especially the third verse. This is because we have been victims of FAKE HISTORY along white supremacist lines. During the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1776 more blacks fought for the British than for the slave owning class of the Americans. Over 5,000 black men joined the British in the fight against the rebel American colonies because of one principle reason—the British promised freedom from slavery. George Washington was a slave owner that refused to give up his slaves as did Thomas Jefferson and many of the guilty founding fathers of this pro-slavery nation at the time. Much of this historical revelation is contained in two major research books titled, “The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America by Gerald Horne, and the other book is “The Internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832” by Alan Taylor.


President James Monroe once wrote, “The British have professed to afford the runaways an asylum as freemen,” which when discovered the whites of the original 13 colonies grew fearful that armed black men would escape to help the British to defeat them. The British often employed blacks and did so in the War of 1812. In fact, according to Alan Taylor, “The British enlisted 400 male runaways into a special battalion known as the ‘Colonial Marines. These men became the best troops in the British force . . . the black marines had to fight to preserve their new liberty.” This explains why the third verse of the Star-Spangled Banner was written to say, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or gloom of the grave, and the star-spangled banner—O! Long may it wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” No one sings this anymore, and no one even mentions it anymore, for to do so would give the reader the indication that the American wars against the British was carried out to preserve the institution of slavery in the 13 colonies and later in the United States.


Francis Scott key evidently regarded “the free” as free white men in a white only apartheid-like republic. According to the Smithsonian Online, “When he wrote the poem that would, in 1931, become the national anthem and proclaim our nation ‘the land of the free,’ like Jefferson, Key not only profited from slaves, he harbored racist conceptions of American citizenship and human potential. Africans in America, he said, were: ‘a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.”’ Our national anthem, which Congress declared in 1931, is proof that the war against England was more that some freedom loving patriots wanting to escape some evil king; it was a war to protect the interests of the slave plantation owners that were the power behind the 1776 war and the 1812 war. The war against the British had been building up for a long time as England was preparing to end slavery which was something the American colonists did not want to happen. If England abolished slavery and the colonies remained part of the British Empire then they would lose their free labor. The American rebels had the economic incentive to rebel against England since loss of the institution of slavery would wreck their brutal colonial plantation system.


The Smithsonian went on to say that, “Ironically, while Key was composing the line “O’er the land of the free,” it is likely that black slaves were trying to reach British ships in Baltimore Harbor. They knew that they were far more likely to find freedom and liberty under the Union Jack than they were under the “Star-Spangled Banner.” This is not the only proof.  In 1772, a slave by the name of James Somerset became the focus of attention in England and the growing English abolitionist movement. Somerset was kidnapped from Africa and taken to Virginia in 1749. He was later sent to England and was to be sold in the Caribbean, but he asked for his freedom while on English territory. Lord Mansfield decided in favor of Somerset and this sent off a fanatical response in the American colonies. Benjamin Franklin, in crazed justifications for slavery, struck out at abolitionist Granville Sharp. According the professor Horne, “Historian Michael Groth has a point in asserting that ‘in one sense, the slaveholding Patriots went to war in 1775 and declared independence in 1776 to defend their rights to own slaves.” Francis Scott Key would use his law office for seven years to attack those in the abolitionist movement. Key was no good guy!


There is ample evidence to show that the wars against the British were wars aimed at protecting the American slave owning class and the acts of protest against British rule, that have become sacred in American politics, were nothing but the rise of a white supremacist regime on the American continent that would later become the United States of America. In fact, the so-called “Committees of Correspondence” that were the ill-named white revolutionary groupings, were organized as a result of a black man named Aaron Briggs being the chief witness against white colonists for burning and killing Englishmen aboard the English ship named the Gaspee.  Members of the Committees of Correspondence characterized Briggs’ willingness to testify against white colonists as “obnoxious, alarming and arbitrary,” and called Aaron Briggs the “Negro-Indian Witness.”  They were concerned that the British were going to free blacks and use them to fight the American slavers. In fact, the British armed black men and later saw to it that many would not be returned to their American slave masters. Many African Americans would be allowed to remain free and were resettled as freemen in Canada and Nova Scotia.


This is an entirely new explanation of how America was formed. It explains the problems this nation inherited from a greedy class of plantation owners bent on maintaining the brutal system of slavery. American history will have to be rewritten to explain what really happened in the formation of this country. We have been bombarded with FAKE HISTORY for hundreds of years. The foundation myth that all of us have been taught about these so-called great patriots is pure hogwash. Freedom from oppression remains a problem today for all of those that have suffered under a system created when the British lost the war. Not that the British were the heroes, but they moved beyond the murderous and terrorist system of slavery before the founding fathers and generations after ever acted. 

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27 Jun 2018

By Mario Salas