Some Whites Need an Anglo Studies Class

The term “race” did not exist in history before they ruined the world with these socially constructed terms that produced the concept of different races when there is only one race. Johann Blumenbach and others, in creating the concept of race, created a prison in which the spirit of the victims is extinguished. As racial theories developed religious differences waned. One prison replaced another. This is why whites need an Anglo American Studies so that they can discover how they became “White” when they were something else before this invented race.


The initial immigrants that left Europe to come to America did not just jump up and leave Europe. They came to these shores for a multitude of reasons not solely related to religious freedom.  Emphasizing only the religious dimension is generally what is accepted as the reasons for European migration. This turns out to be a skimpy analysis when all of the other historical facts are added. In public school we were often told that religious freedom, and freedom in general, was the principle reason for the mass exodus from Europe.  This explanation is devoid of many facts. For example, according to Global Research writer John Martin, the Irish came to the “New World, literally as slaves. “Records state that, after the 1798 Irish Rebellion, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia.”   Many Europeans came to America because staying in their respective European country meant starvation would have been the outcome. Many European immigrants came to North America for reasons that were the result of social, religious, economic, and political factors which affected each European ethnic group differently and across different time frames.


Professor J. Owens Smith makes note of the fact that English cities experienced population growth after the ‘Dark Ages.” These dynamic political and socio-economic factors are in the main disregarded and not addressed in public educational settings. The explanations generally given have been sanitized, sometime with complete amputations, to exclude those social factors that would lead to a greater understanding of how social conditions developed in America which eventually led to all types of inequalities.  Camouflaging facts that point to a different understanding of the foundations of American society is the crux of creating a mythological fairy-tale.  Immigrants from Europe did not just come to America seeking simple freedom and opportunity.  The foundation myths that have centralized a scanty explanation of European immigration sets up a veiled history that hides the social and political realities of Europe’s harsh social conditions, and why diverse ethnic groups came to America initially. What is never discussed is how race became a central factor in the policies of these immigrants and the institutions created around the central theme of white supremacy. Hence, all of the European immigrants were turned into “whites.”


We are over and over again told that “America is a nation of immigrants.” This cliché, though in part factual, wholly ignores the fact that Native Americans and African slaves did not immigrate to America—Europeans did and were turned into “whites.”. America was the ancestral home of Indigenous People and Africans were brought here during the course of the inhuman slave trade. By constantly repeating the set phrase that “America is a nation of immigrants” those aforementioned people are erased from America’s political development and history as if they never existed.  Non-whites become a side-show with these types of pronouncements. America is not just a nation of immigrants, but this canned view is repeated and recycled in public school and college text books over and over again, and then used to separate out African Americans and Native Americans from the overall development of America.


There would never have been a need for ethnic study programs if the history of non-whites and their white supporters was not suppressed. This is why whites need their history should be told in a way that exposes the false concept of whiteness. These exclusions are purposefully designed to circumvent any discussion of racism and inequality directly connected to America’s birth as a nation. Hence, a sanitized version of the birth of America is passed on from one generation to the next. It is important to understand that this explains why those that have been racialized do not want to discuss these things, and will often accuse anyone that brings up the issues of genocide, ethnocide, racism, slavery, and injustice against minorities as engaging in some sort of “reverse racism.” In order to carry on established myth in perpetuity all views that contradict the established vision are sneered or simply disregarded.

          Specifically, according to Professor J. Owens Smith (1992), the Irish left Europe as the result of social conditions that were generated by the industrial revolution. Additionally, the potato famine displaced thousands of Irish men, women, and children into the densely populated English cities.  In these cities, the Irish were subjected to horrible living conditions and discrimination. They were also sold as slaves under conditions that were very similar to black slavery.  This historical record contradicts the often repeated amputated narrative that the Irish cane to America in a happy voyage across the Atlantic. The exodus from Europe to America was the result of these dreadful conditions. Poverty-stricken Englishmen and their families, often prisoners of debt, were also required to depart from their native lands with the understanding that they would be given land from the wealthy planters that were investing in American crop production. These plantation owners also required removal of the Native American population from their ancestral lands. Thus, these settlers would be enticed to engage in genocide against in what has become known as colonialism.  After a time the Irish were turned into “whites” by law.


According to Smith, the planters in the American colonies developed the “head-right” system, which gave mainly English settlers an economic and social advantage. According to Smith, “This system promised each man 150 acres of land and 150 more for every able-bodied male servant that he brought with him . . . .” The promise land was being filled with settlers and numerous free land schemes provided them with an economic advantage that African slaves and Native Americans would never enjoy.  The end result of this is centuries of discrimination which is evident even to this day in non-white communities across the country. Native Americans would also suffer greatly, for these “free land” programs would result in the systematic removal of “Indians” and eventually to the Indian Removal Act of 1830 under Andrew Jackson.


The giving away of free land to Europeans, and how it was accomplished, is an example of a central detail in American history that is erased from the history books. As a result, people are given the historical imprint that Europeans were simply hard working, asking for nothing from any government, and being “strong rugged individuals,” and the falsehood that they were “white.” They were French, German, Irish, English, and others before they were white.  Little if anything is said about the free land they received, at Native American expense, while blacks and other non-whites were totally excluded from these economic incentives providing an easy justification for the development of racial thinking. Nothing is said about how the term “white” was invented to cleanse Europeans of their ethnic cultures and turn them into “whites.”  In this way, it became a narrative source of white supremacy, though not the only origin, which was developed over the course of centuries, planting into people’s mind stereotypical images of blacks and Native Americans, and the invented category of “whiteness.”  Along with governmental rules and regulations, the subjugation of non-whites and even poor whites has followed us across time. Thus history is more than just a subject to study, but its consequences still live in today’s world.


Many European immigrants were forced to come to America either as a result of starvation, escaping violence from religious and political oppression, being unwanted criminals, being released from debtor’s prison, sold as slaves, being wealthy and wanting to set up a plantation system, being indentured servants, and other factors. All of these factors are generally reduced into generally two categories for discussion: religious freedom and an indentured servant system that is made to look simply like contract labor. All of the other factors are ignored for a specific purpose. As must be acknowledged, some did came for religious freedom, but this was not the only  reason for immigrating to the American colonies, and not even central to migration, for economic conditions were coupled with religious, class, and ethnic issues. As an example, these multiple conditions uprooted thousands of people who had no choice but to leave Europe as economic refugees, Irish slaves, and German political prisoners.  European settlers violated the self-governing territory of Native Americans bringing in enslaved black Africans and enslaved Irishmen and women. Moreover, the crimes of genocide and slavery were ultimately practiced by these settlers, which paved the way for the eventual creation of the United States.  


It is worth noting the religious intolerance, that was so characteristic of Europe for over five hundred years, bled over into the American colonies. Religious fault lines existed in all of the American colonies, and in the 1600s the British colonies were rife with religious hatreds.  These religious hatreds were in due course warped under the power of racial discrimination as darker skin color became the delineating marker for an inferior status. As time went on pseudo scientists developed false racial categories of black and white which are still misunderstood hundreds of years later. However, it would not be long before the Irish were told they were “white” and the other Europeans as well.


In 1775, Carl Linnaeus, and later Johann Blumenbach, developed the invented notions of race thus producing scientific racism and the term Caucasian and other “races” that do not in actuality exist. Linnaeus developed classifications for plant life, which he mistakenly transferred to human beings by constructing broad geographical descriptions of human beings in various locations that would in due course be contorted into physical and behavioral characteristics with skin color as a basis of inferiority. Linnaeus fastened personalities from a white supremacist perspective on these made-up groups by claiming that Indigenous People were “quick tempered, choleric, and eager,” and Africans were “slow and negligent,” and of course whites were said to be “swift, clever, and inventive.” Subsequently, these racist falsehoods were cultivated by Blumenbach who created another invention of human types he called Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and others that provided the first scientific racist delineations of humankind. This racist mold was used to wed principles about the inferiority to non-whites.  It is important to recognize that “whites” were something else before they were turned into a race for the purposes of creating and sustaining the doctrine of white supremacy.

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02 Aug 2018

By Mario Salas