The Coffee Isn’t So Black At Starbucks

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April 18, 2018 By Mario Salas


Mario Marcel Salas

Media outlets everywhere are reporting that employees at a Philadelphia Starbuck’s lost it when they called police for reasons that could only have been sparked by racial intent. Two black men were trying to use the restroom while waiting for another man that they were suppose to be having a business meeting with. The meeting was

supposed to be taking place with a real estate developer, Andrew Yaffe, and the two young men falsely arrested were looking for investment opportunities. The two men were accused of “trespassing,” which is what the police commissioner indicated after Starbuck’s employees indicated that the men could not use the restroom unless they were going to buy something. Apparently the employees violated their own policy as Starbuck’s has no such policy. Protestors are calling for a boycott of Starbucks and for the employees to be fired.

The two men were finally released after the District Attorney found no reason for them to have been arrested in the first place. According to the Washington Post, Starbuck’s CEO, Kevin Johnson, “apologized to the two man, calling the situation ‘disheartening’ and ‘reprehensible’ and saying the video is ‘very hard to watch.’” He was referring to the video of the arrest that went viral as people in the establishment and across the video world called the incident blatant racism and discrimination. There is a rise in racist incidents in the country often committed by white racist terrorists, on the job bone-heads, and racist police officers that often fill up police departments across the country. We are reminded that a problem like this one is but an indication of a larger problem perpetuated by those who think they are white. Interesting the Washington Post article was racist itself calling the crowd of protestors “crows.” A misspelling in the article? Maybe, and maybe not, but nonetheless a gross racial mistake.

Written by

Mario Salas